Suzi Quatro with Rotosound Swing Bass 66 bass guitar strings

Suzi Quatro: Our Generation

We've been busy behind the scenes with a number of our amazing artists and have a bunch of content to release over the coming months. The latest Our Generation video features a rock star of legendary status who has been a Rotosound Player for over 50 years...
Suzi Quatro

Suzi demonstrates two of her rare vintage bass guitars

Both are life-long Rotosound players

Rotosound meets The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll

We’re excited to bring you the latest in our series of films that focuses on Rotosound players of all genres and stages of their career. This episode features a player who has relied on Rotosound for the past 50 years, Suzi Quatro.

One of the first women in rock to breakthrough to the mainstream, Quatro continues to write, release records, and perform on the world’s most historic stages as she enters her fifth decade in the music industry. Hailed as The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Suzi’s story crosses continents, styles, and generations.

In this episode of Our Generation, Suzi discusses getting back to her roots with her new album, The Devil In Me, and provides insight into her musical journey, which started in her home of Detroit. She breaks down her career from playing in a group with her sisters to moving to London and shooting to fame with number-one records around the globe.

It’s a family affair

Suzi demonstrates two of her rare vintage bass guitars and jams with her son Richard, who joins Suzi to recall his journey into music and how he came to write, perform, and record with his mother. Both are life-long Rotosound players and proclaim their love of these strings.

SM66 strings hybrid gauge Swing Bass 66 strings

Suzi Quatro’s strings

Suzi Quatro uses Swing Bass 66 hybrid gauge roundwound bass guitar strings.

Richard Tuckey uses Roto RH10 hybrid and R11 medium electric guitar strings.

RH10 Rotosound Roto Blues RH 10 Nickel regular Light Top Heavy Bottom Hybrid Gauge Electric Guitar Strings giutar guage stings srings rock palm muting blue
r11 Rotosound Roto nickel wound electric guitar strings. Best quality affordable giutar string for rock pop country metal funk blues

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