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Drop Tuned String Secrets with Samy Elbanna from Lost Society

How low do you drop tune to? D? C? If you dare to go down to A# then you need to check out our latest Turn On, Tune Up, Rock Out video where Samy Elbanna explains how he finetunes his gear to accommodate shred solos with chugging riffs.

Samy Elbanna plays Rotosound MAS11 guitar strings combined with single … strings

Lightning-fast lead lines and melodic phrases fall effortlessly from the tattooed fingers of Samy Elbanna, frontman of Lost Society. For more than a decade, the Finnish four-piece has forged an unimpeachable path in modern metal music. Their pounding riffs, catchy choruses, and symphonic flashes have taken them around the world and landed them at the top of the charts.

Samy Elbanna Lost Society MAS11 strings in mouth
Samy Elbanna from Lost Society with MAS11 strings

Samy Elbanna interview

Rotosound caught up with Samy at The Underworld in London as the band were touring their fifth album ‘If The Sky Came Down’ and chatted about the gear that helps Elbanna carve his trademark mammoth riffs and fluid solos. He discusses his guitar string choice and how he achieves the perfect hybrid gauge for his various drop tunings… all the way down to drop A# 🤘

Samy Elbanna strings

Samy Elbanna plays Rotosound MAS11 guitar strings combined with single Roto .056″, .064″, and .072″ strings for different drop tunings.

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