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Black Honey live rig | Turn On, Tune Up, Rock Out

In the latest of our Turn On, Tune Up, Rock Out series, we meet up with one of our favourite new indie rock bands to lift the sticky lid on their sweet guitar and bass rigs.

“spaghetti western twang and multifaceted fuzz abound”

Brighton-based Black Honey are a musical montage of 20th-century pop counterculture; taking elements from the most iconic waves of music and cinema but making music that’s distinct with lyrical subject matter that speaks to their generation.

With a career lasting almost a decade, Black Honey have perfected their sound – spaghetti western twang and multifaceted fuzz abound – and are recognised as a tight tour-de-force live.

With their two most recent albums having charted in the top ten, the quartet hit the road where we met them at The Forum in Tunbridge Wells, not far from the Rotosound factory. Izzy was running fashionably late, but we had a great chat with guitarist Chris and bassist Tommy about their influences, what’s currently on Chris’s pedalboard, and why they love Rotosound strings.

Chris Ostler and Izzy B Phillips play R11-54 Roto Whites electric guitar strings.

Tommy Taylor plays RS66LD and RS66LE Swing Bass 66 and RS77LD Jazz Bass 77 strings.

Black Honey Tommy Taylor bass guitar Rotosound strings

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