Caleb Quaye interview with Rotosound guitar strings

Caleb Quaye reconnects 50 years after guitar string endorsement

What’s one of the best benefits of running a family-owned business for over 65 years? Reconnecting with contacts from over five decades ago.

“It was Pete Townshend [who] turned me onto Rotosound strings” – Caleb Quaye

We were thrilled to chat with guitar legend Caleb Quaye (Elton John/Hookfoot/Hall & Oates) about receiving an endorsement back in 1972 from Rotosound founder James How outside Ronnie Scott’s club in London.

James’s son and company director, Jason How, is joined by Rotosound marketing manager Jack Dunwoody to discuss the music scene in sixties London, writing and playing on iconic records, and of course Rotosound guitar strings.

Interested in who else shares your fine taste in music strings?

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