Adam Devonshire Idles, Image credit: Ben Pollard

New Rotosound Players: IDLES

We're excited to announce that British rock band IDLES use Rotosound strings.

“Gobo play bass, Gobo need string, Gobo choose Rotosound”

At a point of uncertainty, IDLES bring you concise carnage. At a time of lies, IDLES bring you honesty.

At a time of body shaming and Photoshop, IDLES bring you a visceral barrage of joyous bile.

At a time of The Kardashians, IDLES bring you a story of working hard for what and who you love.

In a time of polarised politics and murky waters; IDLES and bands like them are needed to remind people that it’s ok to dance and laugh and sing in the face of adversity.

Adam Devonshire Idles, BIME Live 2017, Bizkaia Arena - BEC, Barakaldo, 28/X/2017 Image credit: Dena Flows

IDLES bassist Adam Devonshire uses Rotosound Swing Bass 66 RS66LD strings.

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