Electric Guitar Strings


Six decades of development and road testing from the world’s leading musicians has lead to our range of electric guitar strings. From smooth Pure Nickels to cutting British Steels, we make a guitar string for everyone.

Bass Guitar Strings

Where Rotosound made its name! Since the sixties we’ve been creating innovative designs that provide players with an unrivalled tone and quality of bass guitar string.

Acoustic Guitar Strings

With a wide range of materials and gauges, we have the perfect string for every acoustic guitar, from our sonically-rich Jumbo King sets to our innovative contact-core Super Bronze range.

Traditional Strings

More than sixty years of string making expertise goes into our traditional instrument strings. From banjos to bouzoukis, violins to double basses, our range of strings cater for the student and the professional alike.


Since opening up shop on London’s Denmark Street in the sixties, Rotosound has been producing quality accessories for musicians.


Rock up in style with our range of official Rotosound clothing and lifestyle products.


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The Edge U2 guitarist eighties 1980 Gibson ES archtop guitar

How to Sound Like U2’s The Edge

If you are a fan of the Irish pop rock band U2, it may be because of the unique sound of the guitars and vocals. Their guitar player simply known as The Edge uses a specific combo of pedals and guitar amps to get his signature sound. In this article we will look at the pedals he uses and how his style of playing helps create the famous U2 guitar tone.

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Nigel Clutterbuck and David Laws Rotosound sales representatives

Press release: Rotosound appoints two new UK sales representatives

Rotosound Manufacturing Ltd, music string makers and distributors for The Music Alliance Great Britain, has announced the appointment of two new sales representatives. From today, David Law and Nigel Clutterbuck join Rotosound’s sales team, covering Scotland, northern England, North Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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Spiders from Mars turns 50

50 years ago today, David Bowie rocked the world with the release of his masterpiece “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust…”, which featured Rotosound players Mick Ronson and Trevor Bolder.

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The Beatles - Help statue © Loco Steve cropped

Songwriting Lessons from The Beatles

Unfortunately there are no simple approaches to being able to play every Beatles song. One of the reasons they were so popular is because they were influenced by a huge variety of styles. However there are some guitar chords, progressions, and tones that stand out in their music. In this lesson we will look at how to play songs by The Beatles for all guitar skill levels.

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