Jimi Hendrix Noel Redding Alan Marcuson Rotosound Guitar Strings_Purley Orchid Ballroom March 1st 1967

Rotosound has produced instrument strings and accessories for more than 60 years from its family-run factory in Kent, England.

Innovating the roundwound bass guitar string and igniting the sound of rock and roll, we’ve been at the forefront of making music since 1958.

Iconic Music Strings

From Pink Floyd to Guns 'n Roses, Queen to Nirvana, the best players in the world have chosen Rotosound strings.

We've collaborated with rock legends to develop our strings including Iron Maiden's Steve Harris, Billy Sheehan, and The Who's John Entwistle.

Played By Legends

Continually at the cutting-edge of groundbreaking music, Rotosound strings have become synonymous with the British Tone having been used on era-defining records from The British Invasion, Punk, New Wave, Brit Pop, and Indie.

A commitment to making quality strings at an affordable price has seen musicians of every generation choose Rotosound strings time and time again.

My generation

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Rotosound Home Jimi-Hendrix-Noel-Redding-Alan-Marcuson-Rotosound-Guitar-Strings_Purley-Orchid-Ballroom-March-1st-1967_desktop Pink Floyd Roger Waters Syd Barrett using Rotosound strings at Abbey Road Studios 1967 Rotosound Home Rotosound artist Joe Price Rotosound Home Jimi-Hendrix-Noel-Redding-Alan-Marcuson-Rotosound-Guitar-Strings_Purley-Orchid-Ballroom-March-1st-1967_mobile

Rotos The perfect all-round electric guitar string Rotos R10 Rotosound Roto nickel wound electric guitar strings. Best quality affordable giutar string for rock pop country metal funk blues Ultramag More power, sustain and longer life Ultramag Rotosound Ultramag Ultra Mag pink UM9 UM 9 Electric Guitar Strings. Nickel on steel British handmade quality best instrument string. giutar stings srings wire type 52 alloy roundwound round wound plain wrapped wrap high output set premium British Steel Pure stainless steel for a bright, vintage tone British Steels Pure Nickel Smooth and rich sounding made from 100% nickel Pure Nickel Top Tape Flatwound guitar strings made with Monel tape Top Tape rs200 Rotosound monel flatwound electric jazz guitar strings flat wound tapewound 12 52 stings srings giutar set pack archtop best Top Tape Custom gauge strings from iconic players Signature
MD11 Rotosound Roto Michael Amott Signature MD 11 Nickel regular medium Light Top Heavy Bottom Hybrid Gauge Electric Guitar Strings giutar guage stings srings rock palm muting 11-54 drop tuning metal rock

Electric Guitar Strings


Six decades of development and road testing from the world’s leading musicians has lead to our range of electric guitar strings. From smooth Pure Nickels to cutting British Steels, we make a guitar string for everyone.

Bass Guitar Strings

Where Rotosound made its name! Since the sixties we’ve been creating innovative designs that provide players with an unrivalled tone and quality of bass guitar string.

Swing Bass The classic Rotosound roundwound bass string. Swing Bass 66 Rotosound RS66 LD Swing Bass strings. Steel roundwound round wound swingbass bass wire precision jazz Rickenbacker 4003 John Entwistle bajo guitare rock metal standard gauge regular bright Ultramag More power, sustain and longer life Ultramag Bass Rotosound Ultramag UM45 Foil Type 52 long scale standard electric bass guitar strings set Jazz Bass 77 Flatwound electric bass strings made from monel Jazz Bass 77 Rotosound RS77 LD Jazz Bass strings. Steel Monel nickel flatwound round wound jazzbass bass wire precision jazz Rickenbacker 4003 John Entwistle bajo guitare rock jazz standard gauge regular warm full Signature Sets Custom strings from iconic players Signature Sets Rotosound BS66 Billy Sheehan Custom Set stainless steel roundwound bass guitar strings gitar stings srings Solo Bass 55 Stainless steel
pressure wound strings
Solo Bass 55
RS55LD Rotosound RS55 LD Solo Bass strings. Pressure wound pressurewound Steel roundwound round wound swingbass bass wire precision jazz Rickenbacker 4003 bajo guitare rock metal standard gauge regular bright
Nexus Bass Long life polymer coated strings Nexus Bass NXB45 Rotosound Nexus Polymer Coated 45 105 Type 52 medium scale standard electric bass guitar strings set elixir ellixir elixer elicksir XT Tru Bass Black nylon tapewound strings Tru Bass rs88ld Rotosound Tru Bass guitar strings black nylon yellow silk double doublebass tone sound paul mccartney low tension fretless dub reggae Roto Bass Nickel roundwound strings Roto Bass rb45 Rotosound Roto Bass strings. Affordable Steel nickel roundwound round wound swingbass bass wire precision jazz Rickenbacker 4003 John Entwistle bajo guitare rock metal standard gauge guage regular bright Drop Zone Roundwound strings designed for drop tuning Drop Zone Rotosound Drop Zone RS66LH 65-130 Foil Swing Bass low tuned electric bass guitar strings set Bronze Bass Phosphor bronze acoustic strings Bronze Bass rs44ld Rotosound Bronze Bass phosphor acoustic strings stings srings base gitar giutar standard regular long scale best tone

Nexus Coated phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings Nexus nxa11 Rotosound Nexus Acoustic coated guitar strings long life platinum polymer flattop string Jumbo King Our classic phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings Jumbo King jk11 Rotosound Jumbo King Acoustic phosphor bronze guitar strings long life platinum flattop string Super Bronze 'Contact Core' design phosphor bronze strings Super Bronze sb11 Rotosound Super Bronze contact core acoustic phosphor bronze guitar strings long life piano string design psd country gold flattop string Tru Bronze 80/20 bronze strings with crystal clear resonance Tru Bronze tb11 Rotosound Tru Bronze acoustic 80/20 bronze brass guitar strings flattop string Superia Nylon strings for classical and Spanish guitars Superia cl3 Rotosound Superia Pro classical nylon strings for professional Spanish guitar. High tension tie end

Acoustic Guitar Strings

With a wide range of materials and gauges, we have the perfect string for every acoustic guitar, from our sonically-rich Jumbo King sets to our innovative contact-core Super Bronze range.

Traditional Strings

More than sixty years of string making expertise goes into our traditional instrument strings. From banjos to bouzoukis, violins to double basses, our range of strings cater for the student and the professional alike.

Ukulele Nylon and synthetic gut strings for most sizes Ukulele RS85T Tenor Rotosound Ukulele strings nygut synthetic gut string Violin Expertly made for students and professionals Violin rs6000 Rotosound violin string monel professional flatwound set Banjo Traditional banjo strings for tenor and G banjos Banjo rs65 Swanee G banjo nickel wound strings More Viola, cello, mandolin, double bass, and bouzouki Double bass
and more
RS4000 Rotosound double bass strings. Monel flatwound high burnished traditional upright bass strings rockabilly

Pedals Rotosound's range of stompboxes Effects Pedals Rotosound Fuzz Pedal Reissue fuss fuz pedall paddle effect affect 1960s sola sound denmark street jimmy page best germanium germ Stands Adjustable stands for guitar, bass, or ukulele Stands RGS-200-BK Rotosound guitar stand black gitar hook bass acoustic adjustable foldable folding folds rest prop aluminium plastic flexible Stratocaster les Paul telecaster jumbo parlour precision jazz body big small Straps Straps for electric, acoustic and bass guitars Straps Rotosound STR strap guitar stand black gitar nylon bass acoustic adjustable foldable folding folds rest prop leather flexible Stratocaster les Paul telecaster jumbo parlour precision jazz body big small Tuners Rotosound clip-on tuners and metronomes Tuners Rotosound AMT-530 clip on chromatic tuner and metronome Care products All you need to care for your instrument Care products Rotosound Lemon Oil LO2 cleaner and conditioner 59ml bottle front Capos High quality trigger capos Capos Rotosound GC-200-CH Capo. Trigger spring capo electric acoustic guitar silver chrome


Since opening up shop on London’s Denmark Street in the sixties, Rotosound has been producing quality accessories for musicians.


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Chloe Chadwick acoustic guitarist plays Rotosound Nexus Acoustic coated long life guitar strings

Work hard, play hard: why Chloë Chadwick relies on Nexus acoustic strings

The past year has been a strange one for us all – not least for full-time gigging musicians. The pause on live events has changed the rhythm of how often a pro’s instrument is picked up, which got us thinking that our long-life Nexus Acoustic strings might be the perfect choice for guitars that get strummed less often.

With Nexus on our mind, we spoke to one of our Rotosound Players who trusts in our coated strings to keep their tone night-after-night during a busy gigging schedule.

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