James LoMenzo Slash's Snakepit Rotosound advert 1995

A Swing Bass advert featuring – and signed by –James LoMenzo. James was playing with Slash’s Snakepit at this time; he has gone on to play with Megadeth,..Read More

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Krist Novoselic Nirvana

The sound of grunge

Krist Novoselic with Nirvana in 1991 The new decade is shaken up with the emergence of grunge and alternative rock bands from the States. The most..Read More

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Steve Harris Iron Maiden bassist advert cutout

Steve Harris of Iron Maiden appears in a Rotosound advert. A large part of Harris’s signature tone is his choice of flatwound Jazz Bass 77 strings

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James How Family

The end of an era

James had been working on new string winding machines during the late eighties but had become too ill to continue the work. In 1994, James How..Read More

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Welcome to Planet Roto advert

Rotos launched

Another new range of guitar strings is introduced – the nickel on steel Rotos. Rotosound had always been famous for its stainless steel strings but a lot..Read More

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Staff outside JHI factory 20 Upland Road Sidcup

Expanding horizons

James How Industries sets up a new factory in Upland Road, Bexleyheath, and more people are employed to cater for the increasing demand for his strings.

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Unit 3 Rotosound factory 1986

Still expanding

With more new product lines being produced and the global demand for the company’s strings booming, James How Industries expands into a new premises next to..Read More

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Geddy Lee Rotosound Superwound Funkmaster advert 1987

Revered bass player from Rush, Geddy Lee, starts using the new Funkmaster strings. He later switches to use the Rotosound RS66LD Swing Bass strings.

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Michael Anthony Van Halen guitar strings rotosound advert

An advert featuring Van Halen’s Michael Anthony

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Duff McKagen Guns N Roses Rotosound bass player Swing Bass 66

Appetite for Swing Bass

One of Rock’s most iconic bands, Guns N’ Roses, drop their acclaimed album Appetite For Destruction with bassist Duff McKagen using Swing Bass strings and joining the..Read More

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