Guthrie Govan in 2011 catalogue

Guthrie Govan

British guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan becomes an official Rotosound endorsee. “I do some fairly barbaric things to my strings on a daily basis, so I’ve experimented..Read More

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Great strings for today's generation Rotosound advert

Right here, right now

Guitar bands are back in the charts with indie acts such as Franz Ferdinand, The Cribs, Kasabian, Zutons, The Ordinary Boys, and Kaiser Chiefs continuing Britain’s..Read More

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Kylie Minogue Rotosound 1997

Kylie Minogue poses with a Rotosound t-shirt. Kylie’s bassist Kevin Miller is a notable Rotosound player

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Zach Frederick Export

The introduction of new string making machines means that the company’s in a position to step up its exports, so takes on Zach Frederick to run..Read More

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Dodgy Staying Out For The Summer Rotosound Country Gold Acoustic Guitar Strings Andy Miller Advert 1995

Farewell Superwound

One of the final Superwound adverts Superwound closed in 1995. The necessarily large range – due to each gauge needing a variety of off-shoots to fit..Read More

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Billy Sheehan Steve Harris John Entwistle Rotosound photo

Famous faces unite

A very famous photo of three bass legends. Billy Sheehan, Steve Harris and John Entwistle convene at the Rotosound factory in March.

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Rotosound string winding machines

Moving up another gear

Jason’s new machines hit the factory floor increasing output substantially and making Rotosound more competitive worldwide.

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Oasis Paul Guigsy McGuigan Rotosound advert

An advert featuring Oasis’s Paul ‘Guigsy’ McGuigan. By this time Oasis are one of the biggest bands on the planet and Noel, Bonehead and Guigsy are..Read More

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Cool Britannia Rotosound Pulp Supergrass Oasis Kula Shaker guitar bass strings

Cool Britannia

Britpop bursts into the world and once again Rotosound is at the heart of an era-defining music scene. Bands are drawing inspiration from the sixties and..Read More

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Roto Bass Planet Rotosound advert 1993

Along with the new Roto electric guitar strings, the Roto Bass line is introduced offering the most popular bass gauges in a nickel wound construction.

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The Cure Rotosound strings Advert 1995

Robert Smith and The Cure use Rotosound strings

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