A booklet for the Rotosound ‘Rhythmlite’ unit True to the spirit of the times, The Denmark Street shop sold Image lighting (those groovy psychedelic oil wheels..Read More

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Pink Floyd Roger Waters Syd Barrett using Rotosound strings at Abbey Road Studios 1967

Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright with Alan Marcuson in 1967. Pink Floyd were in Abbey Road Studios during this shoot recording Piper..Read More

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Swing Bass 1967 roundwound string pack Rotosound Archive

A new, psychedelic design is introduced for packaging and catalogues The companies of James How and Company, James How Music Strings Limited, and Orchestral & Jazz..Read More

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Jimmy Page using the Rotosound Fuzz 19/6/69 Paris "Tous En Scene"

Jimmy Page using the Rotosound Fuzz 19/6/69 Paris “Tous En Scene”

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Rotosound MKIII Fuzz Pedal in Macaris Denmark Street web

The iconic fuzz pedal

An original Rotosound Fuzz MKIII which belongs to Ant Macari Rotosound began to augment the catalogue with other musical accessories including fuzz pedals which would go..Read More

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Spike Heatley double bass jazz player Rotosound Archive

British jazz bassist Spike Heatley sinks his teeth into the new Rotosound strings

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Making Rotop strings Rotosound Archive

One of the first string winding machines in the Orchestral & Jazz Strings workshop

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Rotosound is born

As more and more players sought the use of these roundwound strings James and Ron decided to create a new brand which summed up their innovation. Highlighting..Read More

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