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Giving Glasgow the Gift of Guitars

At Rotosound we know the positive change that music can make to everyone’s lives and we believe that no one should be left out when it comes to making music. To help with this mission we partnered with Scottish social enterprise 12 Guitars who are making guitar playing accessible to young people and adults of all backgrounds across Scotland free at the point use. By recycling and upcycling unwanted guitars, they have engaged hundreds of young people and given away or loaned over 250 instruments.

We caught up with the 12 Guitars team to shed some light on how this amazing organisation has been helping people pick up the guitar in Glasgow and across Scotland….

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Andy Rourke bassist of The Smiths uses Rotosound strings
Learn to Play

Song Lesson – The Smiths: There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

Despite the lead singer Morrissey being quite controversial and moody, The Smiths have endured popularity even though they broke up many years ago. In fact, the singing style of Morrissey and his demeanour is one reason the band has likely achieved such success. There are many great Smiths songs to play, especially if someone is just learning how to play guitar, but today we take a closer look with a song lesson on “There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.”

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