By George! They found Harrison’s strings

George Harrison Hofner President Thinline auction with Rotosound strings

An old guitar of the Beatles’ George Harrison shows up at Sotheby’s Auction House with a pack of Rotosound strings in the case. The owner recollects this –

“…George gave me this Hofner President… in the summer of 1969, before the release of ‘Here Comes the Sun’. I’d gone to George to ask him to show me the chord I was missing from the song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ which I was trying to teach myself to play. George told me to go and get a guitar from his guitar room, which I did, he described this guitar as ‘Blondie’ and remarked that a Hofner President was his first good guitar. George showed me the chord then took the guitar from me, and told me, whilst smiling, ‘Play it up here at the seventh fret’, he then handed the guitar back to me telling me it was mine. He said it needed some work doing on it and gave me a set of [Rotosound] strings for it that he thought would be better for me than the ones on the guitar.”

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