Tellison is a four-piece waking-nightmare of a band from London, UK. Formed in 2005 by Henry Danowski (drums), Stephen H Davidson (vocals & rhythm guitar), Peter Phillips (lead guitar & vocals) and Andrew Tickell (bass & vocals) the band have released two albums (2007’s “Contact! Contact!” and 2011’s “The Wages of Fear”) and in so-doing become one of the UK’s most-loved underground cult secrets; the kind of band you didn’t know you were missing till you stumbled across their sweat-drenched, vital, perfectly imperfect indie rock in any number of sticky dark club venues around the country.

New album “Hope Fading Nightly” arrives on September 18th 2015 and it sees Tellison continue their excellent form, packed with life-affirming, intelligent and catchy songs about hope, loss, love, Keanu Reeves and literature. Lead single “Tact is Dead” somehow manages to reference The Who, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Woody Allen, Jetplane Landing, Joseph Conrad and Herman Melville in the same breath whilst follow-up “Boy” channels The Hold Steady, Phoenix, The Beatles and Cheap Girls in a two minute slab of crunchy power pop.

Tellison are currently gearing up to release “Hope Fading Nightly”, album number three, on September 18th 2015 through Alcopop! Records, dusting off their guitars and referencing conventions and stepping up to take another swing at, if not the big time, at least the medium time.

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Tellison use
RB45 Roto Bass
R11 Roto Red 6 String Electric

“Rotosound never let me down. Their bright, lively tone keeps my guitars sounding fresh and clear and, though I’m a particularly heavy-handed guitarist, I break strings less often than with other manufacturers. It’s a pleasure and an honour to use such a storied brand and we’re delighted, through our use of Rotosound, to be a very small part of British music history.” – Stephen H Davidson
“These strings are quality, you can feel it in your fingers and hear it every time I plug in my bass.” – Andrew Tickell

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