Formed in 1995 from a joint hardcore / metal background, Stampin’ Ground tailored their sound to reach all fans of heavy music. Touring with the likes of Sepultura, The Haunted, Hatebreed, Arch Enemy, Anthrax, Agnostic Front, Biohazard and Ignite enabled them to reach a bigger market of both the hardcore and metal scenes combined.

As one of the most threatening and active live bands around, they earned a loyal, solid following and attracted a wealth of media attention in the process.
Their success was entirely due to two things, the power and aggression with which they imbue their music, and the ability to keep a sharp eye on their all-important song-writing appeal.

Stampin’ Ground were no strangers to hard work, and have released an impressive back catalogue that illustrates both their staying power and their determination to climb the ranks to the top of their profession.

Always more than willing to push back the boundaries, Stampin’ Ground were the first English band of their kind to tour in America; actually going Stateside in 1998 without even having an album released there, eager to find out whether their success in Europe could be applied to the U.S. Great reactions proved that it could. It then comes as no surprise that with each of the earlier albums, ‘An Expression Of Repressed Violence’ and ‘Carved From Empty Words’ the bands fanbase grew quickly and with it a reputation as a rising underdog that fought hard.

Playing live had always been the bands biggest strength, the arena in which they proved time and time again that they are one of the most exciting and entertaining bands of their kind. Stampin’ Ground understood that audience participation is a fundamental factor in any ultimate gig experience, and frontman Adam Frakes-Sime is a master of his craft.

Whilst he whipped an audience to boiling point, the rest of the band energetically covered the stage, nailing their songs down with confidence and aggression. It’s with this approach to playing live that gained them successful tours across the globe.

In an age where hype and industry politics produced bands of unworthy overnight success, Stampin’ Ground were the antidote; the backlash that showed once and for all that it is the extreme music fans themselves that decide who succeeds and who fails, and no one else. Doin’ it the hardway – the only way.

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