It’s happened time and time again, when the prevailing culture grows stale, colourless, dull and apathetic; the conventional is washed away by new artistic uprisings. For the last few years, three young musicians have taken to the UK roads, playing hundreds of venues (repeatedly) with a diverse range of artists from various musical genres. All the while, recording, writing and developing a rich sense of identity with a focus on finding an unconventional take on great melody, pop hooks, technical precision and crushing breakdowns.

‘Press to MECO’ are guitarist/vocalist Luke Caley, bassist/vocalist Adam Roffey and drummer/vocalist Lewis Williams, a trio on a relentless pursuit to harness their sound into a punchy, driving and visceral powerhouse.

Luke, Adam and Lewis have found creative inspiration in bands like ‘SikTh’, ‘The Dillinger Escape Plan’, ‘Rueben’, ‘Everything Everything’, ‘Manchester Orchestra’ and ‘Deftones’; to pop artists ‘ABBA’ and ‘Michael Jackson’.

‘Press to MECO’ are the perfect synthesis of technical proficiency and attention grabbing bursts of energy. They are a progressive hardcore rock metal pop [insert genre here] band hailing from Crawley/Croydon; performing off-kilter, unreasonably catchy songs, full of twists and turns. Alternating vocals blending into 3-part harmonies, coming together with sometimes beautiful, sometimes forceful, always overwhelmingly powerful instrumental breakdowns. The ideal mix of technicality and catchiness delivered with pop sensibilities that are just plain fun.

The recently released debut album ‘Good Intent’ was produced & mixed by Neil Kennedy. The production emphasises the melodic content of the vocals while keeping the guitars/bass raw and the drums sounding punchy and sharp. Youthful indulgence balanced with contagious choruses. “We wanted this album to be a lot rawer sounding and less produced than our previous recordings. Neil really nailed it too.” Luke Caley

At its core, ‘Good Intent’ has a sound that is melodic and hopeful, it’s a straight up pop record showcasing the band’s greatest strength; to cross into countless other scenes both inside and outside the punk, metal, post-hardcore and math rock sub genres. It’s a powerful record lyrically too. “It’s about growing up and becoming far more aware of the world, the people around you and what being a human means. It’s manic, overthought, tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic at points. It’s the stuff I’m trying to get out of my head at 3am.” Lewis Williams

Probably the biggest influence on ‘Press to MECO’ has been the live circuit. Two appearances at Download Festival, a main stage show at UK Tech-Metal Fest, The Great Escape, Hevy Fest, countless small tours plus extensive tours with the likes of Allusondrugs, ACODA, etc. have taught them a great deal. “Touring and supporting amazing bands like ‘Funeral For A Friend’, ‘Monuments’, ‘Don Broco’ and ‘Carnivores’ has taught us, you need to bring your ‘A’ Game’ to every show, no matter how big or small the crowd, no matter how great or how poor the venue.” Luke Caley

The build has been gradual and the tide has turned with the Affinity EP enjoying on-going plays and support from Radio 1 Rock Show, Amazing Radio, Kerrang! Radio, Team Rock Radio, a ‘One Night Stand’ XFM session, XFM plays and regular plays on Scuzz TV. ‘Press to MECO’ are now making strong headway. There’s an audience waiting for ‘Good Intent’ and they won’t be disappointed. “We vibe off what is happening in music right now and with rock being pushed into the mainstream we intend to be part of it.” Adam Roffey.

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