Jason How proves that classic psychedelic pop doesn’t necessarily begin and end at the borders of Haight – Ashbury or Syd Barrett’s whimsical flights of fancy!

Whilst his music positively throbs with an appropriately lysergic glow, you’ll find well toned musical muscles lurking like coiled snakes beneath the flamboyant finery.

Buffed to distinctly 21st century sheen, Jason’s strident tunes blend the jarring Major chords of Arthur Lee’s Love with uplifting Monkees-style choruses, underpinned by the Stone Roses stoned stomp that echoes through tracks like ‘Geraldine’.

The falsetto vocal harmonies weaving through the urgent rocker ‘Into Your Arms’ recall the signature sound of 2011 Mercury Prize nominated Mancunian indie popsters Everything Everything, proving that Jason’s contemporary psych influences extend beyond the long lost golden Summer of Love.

Psych’s more fanciful or twee elements are sidestepped in favour of a punchy lean sound that goes for the jugular from the off.

This is modern power pop garnished with a knowing eye on classic psych, driven by Jason’s knack for stirring in an unexpected harmonic twist or sudden and gravity defying hook.

Whether you’re into Kaftans and beads or Converse and 10 Deep, one of the great things about contemporary psych pop is that there are no rules.

We dare you to ride this musical roller coaster that poises the listener tantalizingly on the brink before plunging down a foaming torrent of crunchy guitars and soaring squadrons of vocal harmonies.

Hop aboard and enjoy this headlong rush into contemporary psych pop…you’ll definitely enjoy this trip!”

Tim Slater – occasionaly earth bound!

Heres the latest review (April 2016) on the fab music site LOUDER THAN WAR thanks Joe Whyte and John Robb !

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Last but not least here’s a sneak peak at one of the new tracks coming soon on the next album, this album is downright lo-fi punk / garage all about the inadequacies and inequalities we are facing in todays society….

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