“Take the slightly odd name out of the equation, what you have is a great record. The instrumentation provides the perfect base for a very powerful vocal. On a simple level, Horse in Transit make great metal music. To take it further they, add a nice southern influence with a great Rock n Roll twist. The doom riffs and solos of “Hollow” and intricate rhythmic guitars of “Survival Plan” make a record that keeps the listener excited and entertained. This band have everything they need to make waves in a very stale industry.”
– Steph Carter – Gallows, ‘If I Were A God’ EP review (Dec 10, 2012)

“If I Were God can fit into any metal heads collection with great ease as well as any hardcore kid’s collection. Fusing elements from bands such as Everytime I Die and Cancer Bats along with classic rock and roll rhythms, the guys in Horse in Transit have wiped their arses with the blue print, spat on it and tossed it back at the industry. 8/10”
-Chris Storey –

“To throw in the usual ‘brutal’ and ‘aural assault;’ cliches and simply pass off this six-track mini-album from this Scarborough band as ‘another hardcore record’ would be doing HORSE IN TRANSIT a great disservice. HORSE IN TRANSIT prove here that they are not simply a ‘one trick pony’ and with a bit more variation like that evidenced in the first and final tracks they will continue to bring something fresh to the hardcore stable. (8/10)”
– LoudHorizon, Loud Horizon (Dec 19, 2012)

“These guys aren’t messing around – Lucky Strike has everything you’d wish for in a metal track, and more. The contrast between perfectly in tune, well-constructed guitar melodies, and the down-right evil, half-time, dissonant drops give this song an eery progression that’s as unpredictable as it is interesting. All in all, this is a great track that definitely deserves a space on any metalhead’s iPod.”
– Marcus Taylor, former label owner & founder of , ‘Lucky Strike’ review

“Horse In Transit are one of the most energetic metal acts we’ve been involved with. Smashing through Rotten Core, these guys are the sound of pure adrenaline with the feel of an itchy trigger finger”
– Leeds Acoustic Blog

“Horse In Transit a heavy band, and a destructive force, currently from Scarborough. They tore the place apart, whipping around the whole floor in pure adrenaline. Those left rose the bar. Again, audience participation rife as the band fed from the growing atmosphere caught in some kind of feedback loop.”
– Bad Apples Leeds, Rotten Core

“This is a must see for any metalhead and even if you aren’t check them out anyway. Don’t let prejudice get in the way of finding great music.”
– Big in the Game

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