This is Gary Rackham welcoming everyone who might drop by, friends, acquaintances and all the people into the funk and the groove! Great that you’re here! For those that don’t know me, I’m a professional bass player, working with anyone or any group that’ll hire me! I started playing bass at the age of 14 and dont think I put it down for about 2 years solid!

Thanks to the influences of Graham Maby(Joe Jackson), Jack Bruce, Chris Squire and Geddy Lee, these fine bass players gave me a solid start. It wasn’t until one day that someone brought home for me a Level 42 album (The Pursuit Of Accidents) that things really started to shape up! I think I’ve finally nailed the track of the album title 25 years on!!

So, with bass strapped up under my chin, I was fortunate to work with some very fine local musicians and bands in Leicester, eventually working with Duran Duran producer, Ian Little on an unreleased album. From there on it was a rollercoaster journey taking me through Europe on many different tours with various bands and blues bands, before ending up in Leon, Spain with Cafe Quijano promoting ,through tours and TV ,their first record.

On returning to England, playing bass for the awesome Andy Mitchell, a support tour with Mel C and BB Mak ensued. Unfortunately, on completion of another unreleased Polygram cd, it was back to the tours in Europe, supporting blues legend BB King with ‘The Funk On Me.’

Recently and currently, I’ve been working with Sherman Robertson from Houston Texas on his European tours.

Also, have just finished recording a new album with British guitarist Oli Brown (produced by Mike Vernon of Level 42, Fleetwood mac, Freddie King fame) and more with the Spanish funk sensation ..The Funk On Me…Plenty more to come hopefully so keep popping back for updates!

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