Exit State are a Hard Rock band from Burnley, Preston & Rossendale, Lancashire (UK). Their cited influences include Foo Fighters, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and The Who. Exit State have been likened to Foo Fighters, Lostprophets and Therapy?

Exit State was formed in 2005 by Roy Bright following the breakup of East Lancashire rock band Deponeye. Deponeye had started to make some advances in the industry during 2004 when two of their songs saw inclusion onto the soundtrack for the racing video game FlatOut and a record deal offer from Revolver Records; however, founder member Roy Bright felt that commitment levels to move deponeye forward were not shared with the other members and as such the band folded in the summer of 2004. The then three-piece was made up of original members Roy Bright, Sara Leigh and Lee Walmsley, who began writing original compositions in early 2005 and started playing small shows in Burnley and Manchester. Many of the early songs were old deponeye songs already established.

During the spring of 2006, bass guitarist Walmsley expressed, at a meeting with Bright, the need to move on and leave the band, preferring to play indie rock music as opposed to hard rock. Walmsley was replaced on bass guitar by Bright’s close friend Jason Shuttleworth, who was the bass player for Burnley heavy metal band I.C.O.N. This was a temporary fix to honour a number of shows in the East Lancashire area and Manchester.

Shuttleworth was eventually replaced by drummer Leigh’s boyfriend Eddie Sims; however, Sims expressed a preference to play guitar so Graham Storton, a bass guitar player known to Bright in the local area, was recruited to be the band’s permanent bass player. Shortly after, Leigh announced that she would be moving to London and leaving the band and Sims followed suit at the same time.

This left Bright with many problems to be solved as drummers and guitarists seemed to be in short demand in his local area. Bright approached close friend Adam Stephenson to be the band’s permanent guitarist and also asked I.C.O.N’s newly appointed drummer, James Henderson, to take care of drumming duties on a temporary basis until a firm replacement could be found. Stephenson was unable to step in immediately so I.C.O.N’s guitarist Scott Knowles helped out briefly for one show which was to be the last that Leigh played with the band.

In November 2006, Adam Stephenson officially joined Exit State.

Exit State started to find their footing in the North West of England rock community and a healthy local following began to quickly grow.

In the summer of 2007 the band entered a Preston based battle of the bands competition. It was during the run in this competition that it was becoming obvious that drumming duties for both I.C.O.N and Exit State were taking its toll on Henderson and that he needed to be replaced as quickly as possible with a permanent drummer.

As chance would have it, East Lancashire classic rock band The Freespirits broke up almost at the same point and Bright quickly swooped in to bag Freespirits drummer Peat Hicks. The band continued in the battle of the bands competition with Hicks to the semi finals where their participation ended.

It was decided at that time the band would enter the recording studio to begin work on their first EP which would be later titled Anybody Out There. The band travelled to Calder Recording Studios[4] in Mytholmroyd and enlisted the aid of record producer Steve Fenton.Fenton had previously worked with Happy Mondays, T-Rex, John Helliwell and The New Mastersounds.

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