After completing his music studies in Rome, Save Addario moved to London. Shortly after, he met Paul Igoe who just moved from Ireland, to continue his drumming education. The two shared a common love for Pink Floyd and instantly sparked up a friendship. Both of them wanted to create a band that was both against the grain of the traditional and mainstream, but also accessible and inspiring.

So, the search was on for the remaining members of this yet unnamed collaboration. They searched for almost a year for a bassist that would be both suitable and passionate for the music they played. It turned out the person they found who fitted the bill, was a guy who lived ten miles away from Save’s home in Italy.

Mike Enort, another music school graduate with sound engineering experience, was discovered through the Internet via an ad he had posted. After some choice words he left everything behind him and ventured to London to continue his musical journey. Now, with three men, who have sacrificed so much to be where they are, looked immediately for a singer.

Auditions commenced, rappers, country n’ western singers, choir girls and hundreds more tried out but nothing worked. Eventually the guys stumbled upon a Kerrang advert posted by a person called Adam Grant. An audition was organised, and like before the guys weren’t too hopeful of its outcome, especially when an ‘Oliver Twist’ looking fellow walked through the door.

The boys tuned up their guitars and started to play, Adam armed without a microphone started to improvise over the music, and within a matter of seconds they knew that they had found their vocalist. Being the son of well renowned voice-over artist, Gary Martin, Adam’s vocal abilities were not to be taken lightly.

Within a year of their formation they had written many a song, five of which were recorded for their self titled EP, Deadly Circus Fire, a band name the guys felt strongly about having. The EP itself was created in its entirety by the band. Written, recorded, mixed, mastered and illustrated. Sick of rehearsing in certain conditions (including a squat in Hackney) the band decided to pool all their time, money and effort into building their very own studio.

They now spend seven evenings a week in there, striving to accomplish their goal of becoming an established name in the music world. Their sound is a best described as a diverse composition of the raw and the melodic, but can be best compared to bands such as Tool, Mastodon and Deftones.

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Unit 3B, Morewood Close, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 2HU. Telephone 01732 450838
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