De Profundis is a progressive metal band from the UK that is influenced by many diverse musical styles ranging from death metal, black metal, doom metal, progressive rock and jazz, .

Their third album “The Emptiness Within” which came out in May 2012 has seen the band streamlining their song-writing whilst maintaining a strong progressive element. Vocalist Craig Land is also noted for utilizing both clean singing and deep death growls, often in the same track.

Bass player Arran McSporran plays a fretless bass and drummer Nick Tingle mixes extreme metal technique with a jazz fusion feel.

Guitarists Shoi Sen and Roman Subbotin are known for developing separate guitars parts instead of doubling each other and mixing shredding style solos with bluesy melodic leads.

Due to their unique blend of melodic and progressive elements, De Profundis are often hard to be classified within a typical genre of extreme metal.

Formed in 2005, to date, De Profundis has performed in 22 countries, taking part in three international tours and several major music festivals worldwide. This included supporting Iron Maiden in India, touring with Rotting Christ and performing at Bloodstock Open Air.

The band’s unique sound takes influence from not only many of the subgenres of heavy metal, but also from progressive rock and jazz.

With two critically-acclaimed full-length albums (“Beyond Redemption” – 2007 – (Self-release/Sony Music) and 2010’s “A Bleak Reflection” -2010 – (Kolony Records/Sony Music) under their belt, De Profundis recorded their third album “The Emptiness Within” in December 2011. The album was produced by De Profundis and Fernando Pereira, the album was recorded in the UK and mixed at the Studios Davout (AC/DC, Lady Gaga) in Paris.

“The Emptiness Within” was released in the spring of 2012 to critical acclaim. MetalStorm (8/10) wrote “The Emptiness Within is more like Blackwater Park’s younger, but much crazier, sister”

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