“The Fall — always different, always the same,” said John Peel. The Fall was his favourite band. Formed in early 1977, they’ve released about 50 singles, 25 studio albums, and around 50 compilation and live albums (although it seems like more). In August 2004 they recorded their 24th and sadly final John Peel Session.

The band has gone through numerous personnel changes over the years (there have been over 50 different lineups so far), and at present consists of New Musical Express Godlike Genius Award for Services to Music winner Mark E. Smith, Pete Greenway on guitar, Dave (the Eagle) Spurr on bass, Elena Poulou on keys, and Keiron Melling on drums.

If you’re just finding out about this band, you’ve found the perfect place to conduct some serious research; there’s a huge amount of material on the Fall at your fingertips. You might want to begin with the All Music Guide Fall biography and Conway’s band member list. Then you’ll want to check out the discography, the Lyrics Parade (those will keep you busy for a while), the circa 200 editions of the Fall News and, if you’re completely insane, perhaps even my gigography. And of course the bibliography, where I’ve posted or linked to many articles published about the band going back 25 years or so, and Conway’s very handy Fall timeline. There are even some old photos of the band lurking around somewhere.

Dave Spurr

I have been playing Bass for 18 years and spent the majority of that time playing in bands with friends at any gig we could get. I tried to play with as many different musicians i could and gain as much experience as possible. I studied music at college and this introduced me to more styles and genres of music, within which i could improve my Bass playing.

In 2006, a friend of Mark E Smith’s saw me playing at a jam night at my local pub. He then introduced me to Mark, who i’d never heard of, and a few weeks later i was on stage at Leeds and Reading Festival.

I’ve never had much luck with the gear i use. I have blown countless amplifiers and speakers, pedals have died, Basses stopped working halfway through shows, but i never have to worry about my Rotosound strings. I can just keep on thumping them and they’ve never let me down.

I have co-written and played Bass on the last 5 studio albums from The Fall as well as ‘The Remainderer’ a new 6 track E.P out in November.

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Dave Spurr
Dave uses
RB45 Roto Bass

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