From a classically trained background to a modern spin on her own brand of country/pop/rock, Charlie Savigar has evolved in to an artist determined to bring her exciting, upbeat and catchy musical style to a wide audience.

Charlie is supported both live and in the studio by her talented band; lead guitarist and singer Daren Callow (Air UK, Normal, Stars in Exile), bassist Alex Lofoco (Hartke amplification, EMG pickups, Laurus bass and Rotosound endorsee) and established drummer Haydn Callow (Air UK, Honeytunnel, Damien McCabe and Barron Knights). They have played at many venues, festivals and events across London and the UK and more recently Charlie and guitarist Daren performed at the legendary Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Nashville, Tenessee.

Charlie graduated from City University London with a Bachelor of Music degree and also studied piano at the Guildhall school of music and drama. During this time she was exposed to a whole variety of musical styles and took part in African drumming, calypso, Balinese and Javanese gamelan ensembles.

After completing her studies, Charlie’s passion for Chopin preludes and Schubert Impromptudes began to dissipate, choosing instead to focus on relearning the guitar. Discovering new artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Shelby Lynne and Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club was the catalyst that turned Charlie’s attention to song writing.

Charlie has been fortunate to work with some very talented and established music professionals including Status Quo front man Francis Rossi (who first introduced her to the guitar and is featured on her song ‘Save Your Love’), producer and engineer Gregg Jackmann (Trevor Horn, Enya, Seal) who Charlie has worked with on a number of recordings and finally renowned opera singer Arlene Randazzo (ex lead soprano of the New York Opera House) who has helped develop Charlie’s (what some have referred to as) unique and somewhat wacky vocal style.

Charlie is an endorsee for British string manufacturer Rotosound and has been featured in UP Country and Maverick magazines, local press and has taken part in radio interviews including Heart FM Spain. Her music has been featured on various CDs including ‘Faith’ (a 2009 charity album in aid of cystic fibrosis), Hot disc Rush Released (Jan 2011, Mar 2012 editions) and ‘The Best of British & Irish Country’ CD 2011.

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