British quintet Blossoms formed in Stockport, a town just outside of Manchester, England, in 2013.

Formed by school chums Tom Ogden (vocals, guitar) and Joe Donovan(drums), the band later incorporated Charlie Salt (bass, vocals), Josh Dewhurst (guitar), and Myles Kellock(keyboards, vocals).

Their sound was pigeonholed as psych-pop, which the band didn’t like; rather, they hit a sweet spot between the Doors and Arctic Monkeys, combining a knack for classic pop songwriting and moody organ atmospherics with a youthful energy.

Ogden’s delivery occupied the space between Richard Ashcroft (the Verve) and Alex Turner, of the aforementioned Monkeys, as the band slithered from spooky, groovy warmth to peppy Brit-pop. Debut single “You Pulled a Gun on Me” was a fine example of this combination, and the band continued to develop on subsequent singles “Blow” and “Cut Me and I’ll Bleed.” 2015 saw the release of two EPs – Blown Rose and Charlemagne.

As the band gained exposure, they released another EP, At Most a Kiss, in February 2016. The four-song set featured some new elements, including synths and a more driving urgency. Month later, Blossoms revealed plans for their debut full-length. The self-titled album was released in summer 2016, preceded by single “Getaway.”

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