MIDGAR are a four-piece rock band from London, UK. The band’s vocalist, Andy Wilson – Taylor, had a vision for a darker, more melodic band which draws its sound from a more classical influence; and so, Midgar was born in 2008.

Two years later in 2010, finally settled on the current line-up (Andy Wilson – Taylor, Mike Wiles, Matt Jarman and Oli Wiseman), Midgar spent much of the year on tour, supporting the self release of their debut mini-album ‘Lead Your Children To The Sky’.

The band made great headway over this period, with strong support from Scuzz TV, LAVA TV and Kerrang! TV the band landed full page features and album reviews from Rock Sound Magazine, Big Cheese, Kerrang! and many more.

Midgar have sealed a reputation as a “must see” live band for their ability to switch effortlessly between passages of subtlety and fragility, and those of raw aggression and power; a trademark that defines their sound. Wilson – Taylor explains, “We just play music that we like.

We have very mixed musical backgrounds and this comes across in the song-writing process. This can sometimes make us difficult to place; while every song we write sounds like ‘Midgar’, there’s a very wide range of sounds we like to make as a band.”

“We put melody and harmony before any particular style or genre. We’re writing our debut full-length album right now, it’s a real journey of discovery for us and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out.”

In a music scene which can often feel contrived, Midgar bring a sense of honesty back to rock music, creating something that transcends genres and trends that come and go in a mere heartbeat. Their fans will be the first to tell you that Midgar are different. Perhaps that’s what makes them so loyal.

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