George Barnett (born 11 December 1993 in Rugby, Warwickshire, England) is an English recording artist, musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, video director and multi-instrumentalist.

He writes, plays and performs his own compositions and is known for his recordings in which he plays every instrument, sings and produces himself.

George Barnett was born in Rugby, Warwickshire on 11 December 1993. He was home educated by his mother, after he had attended primary school.

He began to learn the piano and drums at an early age and later progressed to other instruments.

In 2003, he moved to Herefordshire, England. He won the UK National Young Drummer of the Year competition in 2008 – aged fourteen, he was the youngest winner ever to have entered.

Barnett began recording his own compositions in 2009 and has produced two EPs, an album and one mixtape of his music.

He has always played every instrument on his releases, as well as being the sole writer. This reclusive way of working stemmed from when he initially began recording for his first EP Sierra Planes (2010), and he couldn’t find any local musicians interested in playing with him.

17 Days, his first full-length album, was uploaded for free on The Pirate Bay in March 2012.

The album was a compiled collection of songs released throughout 2011 as part of an idea in which he would write, record and release one song every seventeen days.

The album proved a success among internet based forums and file-sharing sites, many praising Barnett for his forward thinking approach regarding the Open Music Model marketing of the album and the eclectic mix of material.

Several songs from the album were made into videos, including “Lone Rose”, “Bewitched” and “Cassi”.

On 18 December 2012, Barnett released a new song online unexpectedly, entitled “Where The Devil Sleeps”.

The song highlighted an increased baroque and rock influence, with a string orchestra and distorted guitars featuring heavily.

The video was edited by himself and uploaded on the same day. It shows Barnett writing, arranging and recording the song, as well as mixing the musical parts on his laptop.

The song was released as an EP on Bandcamp a few days later, with alternative versions of “Lone Rose” and “17 Days” (formally released on the 17 Days album), as well as previously unreleased song “The Ninth Wave”.

2013-present: The Red Tape and Animal Keeper

Throughout the first half of 2013, Where The Devil Sleeps EP continued to gain popularity, and Barnett began performing shows with his live band increasingly regularly.

On 12 September 2013, he released his first mixtape, The Red Tape, as a free download from his website. This marked the first time Barnett employed sampling in his own work, utilising elements from the soundtrack to the 2012 movie Beasts Of The Southern Wild and spoken word excerpts from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

From mid September – October 2013, Barnett went on tour with fellow singer-songwriters Frank Hamilton and Orla Gartland.

At the same time he finished work on what would become his third EP, recording and mixing in hotel rooms as the tour progressed. 18 UK dates were played, followed by a sold out show at Les Trois Baudets, Paris.

On 28 October 2013 “Animal Keeper” debuted on BBC Radio 1. It received airplay throughout the week from various Radio 1 DJs, including Fearne Cotton, Greg James, Scott Mills and Huw Stephens.

Two weeks later Animal Keeper – EP was released. It included the title single, as well as three new songs, “Reflection” (which debuted on Indie Shuffle), “Don’t Tell Me”, and a remix of “Animal Keeper”.

All songwriting and production was carried out by Barnett.

When Barnett performs live, he is supported by other musicians including Finn Francis and Rob House.

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