As the visionary, founding member of British metal icons Iron Maiden, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Steve Harris had achieved everything he could possibly have dreamed of. But behold, the birth of ‘British Lion’ Steve Harris’ first solo/side project. After the release of the band’s first album self titled British Lion at the end of 2012 followed a European tour and now in one of only two gigs in the UK Steve Harris British Lion are to visit Folkestone for one night only.

Steve Harris
“As most fans know, I have strong ties with the Portuguese Moto Clube through our mutual friend Manu DaSilva, now sadly departed, who for many years ran Maiden’s Eddie’s Bar in Santa Barbara de Nexe near Faro. In fact the first ever British Lion live show we played was in the Clubhouse itself! When they invited us back this year, to play at the same festival Maiden headlined in 2011 in memory of Manu, it provided the perfect opportunity to schedule a few shows beforehand on our way down to Faro from the UK. We’re playing clubs again, same as we did last year, as we all really love the vibe and intimacy of getting up close and personal with the crowd. Although we would have liked to have visited more cities and countries on this run, it simply hasn’t been possible time-wise. This is for a number of reasons, probably of interest to Maiden fans!”

British Lion is Steve’s debut CD outside Iron Maiden. Featured alongside Steve on bass are Richard Taylor on vocals, David Hawkins on guitar and keys, Grahame Leslie on guitar, and Simon Dawson on drums. The album was mixed by Kevin Shirley [Maiden’s longstanding producer] and was released through EMI in September 2012.

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David and Steve use

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R9 Roto Pinks 6 String Electric
RH9 Roto Orange 6 String Electric
JK11 Jumbo King 6 String Acoustic

It’s speaks volumes when the last thing you even think about is your strings! No breakages no difference in feel or tone just spot on night after night!

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