Dear reader, this is a short story about a gang from Leeds called Brawlers. In 2014 they started a band and released an EP, aptly titled ‘I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit’ on Alcopop! Records. People fucking loved it. XFM, Radio 1, Kerrang and Amazing Radio playlisted some of the singles, one of which – “Instagram Famous” – made its way onto that horrific show ‘Made In Chelsea’ and was used in segments on Sky and BT Sports.

The band toured and drank a bunch of beers with a load of other bands, as bands invariably do, like Nine Black Alps, PUP and No Age. The press also soon got wind of Brawlers’ immense hooks, relevant as fuck lyrics, schizophrenic personalities and said shit like :
“Hands down the best new live band in Britain” – Marc Burrows / The Guardian

Brawlers then put out an album called ‘Romantic Errors of Our Youth’, which was about fucked up/fucking up relationships with significant and less significant others. People fucking loved it more than the EP. “Drink & Dial” in particular – a cautionary tale about fucking up by drunk dialling the ex, was something that struck a chord with many.

The album sold out in HMV Leeds on the first day and got the band even more radio play, more press coverage (including a spot in Kerrang’s ‘Hottest Bands In The World’ feature) and more tours/beers with Set It Off, Jaws, Fickle Friends, Real Friends, Anti-Flag, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, Lower Than Atlantis and a shit ton more.

It’s almost 2016 now and the band have written a lot of new material. They’re planning on drinking way more beers with other bands so are going to Australia to support Luca Brasi in January. Turns out Triple J and other local radio stations loved “Drink & Dial”, so made sense.

The band will then release said new material and do more gigs in the UK and Europe. What they don’t plan on doing is growing up. Fuck that shit.

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